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Sculpt in wood. Start a woodworking business.

Tawsom’s Complete Woodworking
Business Kit

Begin your woodworking business now. 
This product is easy to sell and rewarding to make. .$795.00
Special limited time offer $595

TAWSOM will provide you with all that you need to get started with your woodworking business creating these sculptures. Included in your kit will be:

1. Seven DVDs providing complete instructions to guide you in sculpting the wood. These DVDs, ranging in length from 1 to 2 hours each, show intricate details of making nine of the sculptures. The same procedures for the larger sculptures are applicable to the smaller ones. The following list is the order recommended in which to proceed with your sculpting, so as to correspond with the DVDs.

2. Two sets of 14 detailed black and white drawings (one set to be used for patterns and the second set for instructions).

3. A set of 17 color photographs showing the completed sculpture.

DVDs included:

  1. Medium Pelican
  2. Large & Small Pelican
  3. Large Anhinga
  4. Large Manta Ray
  5. Sandpiper & Angel Fish
  6. Large Shark
  7. Large Dolphin

    Drawings Packet Includes:

  1. Medium Pelican
  2. Large Pelican
  3. Large Heron
  4. Large Egret
  5. Large Anhinga
  6. Angel Fish
  7. Small Egret, Small Heron, Small Anhinga & Sandpiper
  8. Large Manta Ray
  9. Small Manta Ray
  10. Large Shark
  11. Large Dolphin
  12. Small Shark
  13. Small Dolphin & Small Pelican
  14. Bases for Large & Small Birds

    Photograph Packet includes:

  1. Medium Pelican
  2. Large Pelican
  3. Large Anhinga
  4. Angel Fish
  5. Sandpiper
  6. Large Heron
  7. Large Shark
  8. Large Egret
  9. Large Dolphin
  10. Large Manta Ray
  11. Small Pelican
  12. Small Egret
  13. Small Heron
  14. Small Anhinga
  15. Small Dolphin
  16. Small Shark
  17. Small Manta Ray

Of course, you will want some idea of how much profit can be made in your home based woodworking business. Most of that depends on you and the effort you put into it, but here is an estimate of how materials and labor factor into your new part time wage. Labor estimate is based on when you are experienced/proficient – it will initially will be higher. Your hourly wage will also depend on the time you spend selling these pieces, and you will want to consider that. But, it certainly has been worthwhile for me to make these wood sculptures.

  Labor (estimated) Materials Selling Price Dollars per hr
SandPiper 00:45 3.10 39.00 $ 47.87
Angelfish 02:00 9.40 195.00 $ 92.80
Large Manta 03:00 16.00 290.00 $ 91.33
Medium Pelican 01:00 9.40 95.00 $ 85.60
Large Shark 03:30 21.60 350.00 $ 93.83
Large Dolphin 03:30 22.50 350.00 $ 93.57


special Limitid time Offer

special Limitid time Offer

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