Running Your Own Woodworking Business

Creating and selling these woodworking pieces can be a part time or full time income for you. I have been creating them for over 20 years and have done it both ways.

These are custom woodworking products that almost sell themselves to private parties, retailers or business entities. I have even sold some of them to Disney, Red Lobster and Sea World. (Please note that we are not affiliated with these companies)

Every gift shop that I select is overwhelmed by them. They call folks out of the back to come look at the wood sculptures when I come in. I don’t have any trouble getting my woodworking items accepted by gift shops and galleries. In fact, I have to be very selective and only choose the ones that I know will merchandise the sculptures well.

I only choose high end gift shops and galleries, rather than place my woodsculptures in shops that sell a lower class of merchandise.

Usually the gallery will take 30% or 40% of the retail price as a commission. Don’t sell them cheaply; make sure you get a good price for them.

custom woodworking projects custom woodworking projects custom woodworking projects
custom woodworking projects custom woodworking projects custom woodworking projects


Over the years, the three pelicans have been the most popular, and I have sold more pelicans than anything else. The Manta Rays and the sharks are also very popular – especially the Large Shark. People fall in love with these sculptures.

How much you make is up to you: from zero dollars to $100,000. It depends on how serious you are about it. As I mentioned elsewhere, at one time I had a shop that employed 8 people. At that time, the Small Pelican was selling for $9. It now sells for $39, so you can see how the potential revenue has increased with inflation.

Here is a list of marketing ideas for you to consider:

  • Art shows – make your sculptures through the week and attend the art shows on weekends to sell your work.
  • If you’re not interested in doing art shows, you may sell to individuals who would then take the sculptures and attend art shows on their own.
  • Sell out of your own shop.
  • Sell to or put on consignment in art galleries and gift shops.
  • Offer your sculptures for sale to interior decorators.
  • Market sculptures to restaurants and/or large companies.